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I would like to thank the publishers of "Pharmaceutical Technology," "Pharmacopeial Forum," and "American Genomic/Proteomic Technology" for permission to reprint papers which they originally published. A complete list of my publications is also available.

Variance in Pharmaceutical Analyses

The classic article on variance in pharmaceutical analyses “The Variability of AOAC Methods as Used in Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry,” by William Horwitz was published in JAOAC, 1977, 60, pp1355-1363 and is reprinted here with permission of AOAC International. 

WHO Pharmaceutical Product Stability References

The publications:

are available from: Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Project, "A Public Health Approach to Innovation" at

in the Appendices to Section 6.16 on Post Partum Haemorrhage:

 The publication WHO/DAP/91.4 “Inland stability study (Sudan)” could not be located on the web and was scanned so it could be included as an accessible reference.

The document “WHO/DAP/91.1 WHO/UNICEF study on stability of drugs during international transport” could not be located although it is cited in a number of publications. 

Other Publications of Interest

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