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Dr. Thomas Layloff received a BA in Psychology and Chemistry, and MS in Organic Chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He continued his education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas where he received a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Upon receipt of the Ph.D. he joined the Chemistry Department of St. Louis University as Professor of Analytical Chemistry. During his tenure there he also served as a Science Advisor (Consultant) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s St. Louis District Laboratory and its successor National Center for Drug Analysis (NCDA). Upon the retirement of the Director and Deputy Director of NCDA he joined the FDA full-time as Director of the laboratory.

During his tenure as Director of NCDA he also served a temporary and subsequent co-lateral assignment as Directory of the FDA Division of Field Science and Technology coordinating the laboratory operations of FDA’s 18 Field Laboratories. During that assignment he directed the establishment of the mission statements, staffing patterns, and recruitment strategies which were used to implement the Commissioners initiative to establish the Field Laboratory Research Centers.

After serving over 20 years as the Director of the St. Louis FDA laboratory he transferred to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research to serve as Associate Director for Regulatory Standards preparing regulatory concept documents.

He left the FDA to join the United States Pharmacopeia as Vice President and Director of the Pharmaceutical Standards Division. He left the USP to join Management Sciences for Health as Principal Program Associate in the Center for Pharmaceutical Management.

Below is a listing of his Awards and Recognitions and some of his publications.

Awards and Recognitions

Last Updated February 19, 2002.

“American Chemical Society Council Service Award,” For serving as a St. Louis Section Councilor for fifteen years; 2001.

“AOAC International Certificate of Recognition,” “For developing the accreditation criteria while serving as Pharmaceutical Subcommittee Chair of the Analytical Laboratory Accreditation Criteria Committee.” 2001.

“FDA Commissioner’s Distinguished Career Award,” 2000.

“FDA Commendable Service Award,” 1998. “For orchestrating public forums to identify and dialogue on laboratory issues of significance to industrial pharmaceutical laboratories to improve communications and understanding.” Also received a FDA “Hammer Award” for continuing same activity in a different venue.

“Health and Human Services Distinguished Service Award,” 1997. “For outstanding performance in the development of regulations to protect the nation’s children from cigarette smoking.” Also received for this extended effort a letter of thanks from Vice President Al Gore.

"1995 Distinguished Service Award," St. Louis Section ACS, For sustained distinguished service in the St. Louis Section.

United States Pharmacopeia, elected to the Committee of Revision for the 1990-95 term, and re-elected for 1995-2000 term. Elected Chair of the Division of Standards Development Executive Committee, 1992-94 (establishes scientific policies for the USP-NF). Appointed to serve as a member of the USP Reference Standards Committee, 1995-2000 for the adoption of USP Reference Standards.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), elected Fellow, 1990

AOAC International (formerly the Association of Official Analytical Chemists), elected Fellow, 1989

Commissioners Special Citation, "Group Award for Facilities Action Planning Team," 1985

EEO Certificate of Recognition, FDA, Center for Drugs and Biologics, 1984

"St. Louis Section American Chemical Society Award," for outstanding contributions to the chemical profession and demonstrated potential to further its advancement," 1981

FDA Commendable Service Award "In recognition of outstanding leadership and managerial abilities as Acting Director of the Office of Regional Operations' Division of Field Science and Technology during a period in which major new initiatives were instituted," 1980.

Nancy McNair Ring Award. An annual award presented by St. Louis University's graduating Seniors to the outstanding faculty member, 1974.


Last Updated 2008 August 29.

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